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'An unusual and intriguing sound. A winning combination of genres and styles.'


'A live show by this band lives up to all expectations you'll have after hearing the inventive album. Experience one show of this band and you're immediately sold!'

Kicking the Habit

'One of the most exciting bands we've seen lately. Album and live shows are warmly



 ------------------------- P U B L I C A T I O N S -------------------------

'Flight' live at 3voor12 Radio, 3FM

'Ghosts' live at 3voor12 Radio, 3FM

'We Have a Map (Rêverie)' live at 3voor12 Radio, 3FM

Interview at 3voor12 Radio, 3FM (Dutch)

Tourdiary on 3voor12/Utrecht

Video premiere 'Ghosts' in Exclaim!  

Première 'Tempest' on Kicking the Habit  (Dutch)

Popronde concert review 3voor12/Friesland (Dutch)

Mirliton Videosession

Uitfeest/Ekko concert review on 3voor12/Utrecht (Dutch)

Uitfeest/Ekko concert review on Music Credo (Dutch)

**** Album review on Festival Info (Dutch)

Album review on Platomania (Dutch)

Album review on Daans Music Blog (Dutch)

Concert review on Kicking the Habit (Dutch)

Concert review on 3voor12/Utrecht (Dutch)

Track review 'Lucky One' on Kicking the Habit (Dutch

TRIPLE AAA Album review on Kicking the Habit (Dutch)

Eurosonic concert review on Kicking the Habit (Dutch)

Track review 'We Have a Map (Rêverie) on Kicking the Habit (Dutch)

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